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Cover of Ecoholic Body book

Ecoholic Body

“Vasil’s new book is the big fat bible of all things healthy and green in this country. Her plucky style is what makes Ecoholic Body so compelling that you won’t put it down. She uses an endearing, straight-shooting tell-it-like-it-really-is method to call out greenwashers and industry posers across the board….a fascinating and fun ride.”


Adria Vasil, Canada’s straight-shooting green living expert, is back, and this time it’s personal . . . care, that is. Her latest eco bible delivers the lowdown on virtually every product that comes into contact with our bodies. From the pollutants clogging your sinus meds all the way to the outlaw toxins leaching from your sandals, ECOHOLIC BODY has you covered, head to toe. Never shy to blow the whistle, Adria calls out supplement and shampoo makers that exaggerate their green cred. This witty, indispensable guide will arm you with the knowledge you need to keep you and your family healthy, happy and green, all while detoxing the planet. View updates and corrections. 

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Ecoholic Home book coverEcoholic Home

“If you’re looking for an in-depth well-rounded guide to environmentally friendly living, Ecoholic is a great choice.”

The most comprehensive green home book ever to hit Canadian shelves!

Your home may be your refuge from the outside world, but it’s also ground zero for some serious green crimes. There’s a whole underworld of toxins and energy-hoggin’ happenin’ in that pad of yours. Luckily, ECOHOLIC HOME gives homeowners, renters, condo nesters and even you dorm dwellers all the most up-to-date Canadian product and service info you need to eco-fy your private space—all while pocketing planet-friendly cash savings. So stop stewing in toxins, chucking energy out the window and feeding the trash treadmill, and start transforming your abode into an ECOHOLIC haven. View updates and corrections.
Cover of Ecoholic book

Ecoholic – Canadian original

“This book is for people who want to do something to lighten their impact on the planet. The small steps cost us little in the way of effort, money or time, but the cumulative effects can be enormous.”

“Everything you need to know to make green, non-toxic, Earth-friendly consumer choices – and to be a bang-up planetary citizen – is in this book. Its comprehensiveness is mind-boggling! My fondest hope is that a well-thumbed copy becomes a fixture in every Canadian home.”
–– RICK SMITH, Executive Director, Environmental Defence

When the world’s environmental woes get you down, turn to Ecoholic – Canada’s best resource for practical tips and products that help you do your part for the earth. You’ll get the dirt on what not to buy and why, the dish on great gifts, clothes, home supplies and more, as well as advice on what seafood is safe to eat, what green cleaners actually work and a whack of solutions that’ll help you save the earth and cash. Based on the popular and authoritative “Ecoholic” column that appears weekly in NOW, Ecoholic is a cheeky and eye-opening guide to all of life’s greenest predicaments. View updates and corrections.


Cover of Ecoholic USA Edition

Ecoholic – US Edition

“Adria Vasil puts everything you need to know about living a greener, healthier life into one entertaining volume. It is thorough, cheeky, fun and damn useful.”

Ecoholic is an eye-opening guide to decoding the green from the greenwashed in the maze of products lining our shelves. Unlike other eco guidebooks, Ecoholic names names and gives you the dirt on what not to buy and why, as well as the dish on the most sustainable food, the greenest clothes, beauty products, home supplies, banking choices, sports gear, kids stuff and much much more. And yes, it will even take the toxins out of your love life. Ecoholic is a witty and indispensable guide to the small eco choices that make the biggest difference. No wonder reviewers have called this “sassy eco-bible” your ” sacred text when it comes to making any life decisions.” View updates and corrections.


Mean 15 Chemicals to Avoid cover imageMean 15 Chemicals to Avoid

Free downloadable pocket guide!

This handy pocket guide lists the top 15 body care ingredients that should be shelved for good! Designed to be easy for you to keep in your wallet or purse, this free guide is an indispensable tool to help you navigate the greenwash, and to make it easy for you to enshrine your temple with environmentally friendly, non-toxic body products. The Mean 15 webpage can also be bookmarked on your smartphone.