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Updates and Corrections

BAD NEWS ALERT! The feds very suddenly cancelled their successful Eco Energy Retrofit Rebate program at 5pm March 31 with zero notice. If you got your first audit done before that date you’re in the clear. Otherwise, check with your home province for ongoing rebates near you.

Tell the government what you think about the cancellation!
Leave a message for the Natural Defence Minister, Christian Paradis,
at 613-995-1377 or email him at

p. 141 Apple’s iPod: Their shipping and handling fee is now $6.95 instead of the ludicrous $29.95 they used to charge when you sent your ipod in for repairs.

p. 146 Flatscreen Heros: Samsung and LG are also NF3 free. Samsung’s new LED screens are also mercury-free, unlike other flatscreens.

p. 159 Light dimming clarification: Dimming incandescents by 10% doubles the bulb’s life. Dimming a dimmable CFL would not have the same benefit.

p. 281 Bullfrog expands! It’s not available everywhere yet, but if you live in Ontario, BC, Alberta or the Maritimes, look into Bullfrog Power.

p. 294  Citizen’s Bank mortgages vanish: Sadly Citizen’s Bank is no longer offering any banking services therefore their green mortgage is dead. They only offer credit cards now.

p. 383  Amanda gets thanked: The book was printed before you started helping me so graciously with my website so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Green home stores that, quite unfortunately, have closed their doors:

  • Ecletrix in White Rock, BC
  • Green Design Studio in Toronto, ON