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Kick Ass Websites

(The best Bodycare, Clothing, Babycare, Health & All-Around Awesome websites. Scroll down and explore!) 

All-Around Awesome Info-Packed Websites

EWG: Environmental Working Group’s website is crammed with essential tools for greener living, including their Skin Deep cosmetics database, healthy cleaning database, shoppers’ guide to pesticides in produce, sunscreen guide and  much more.

GRIST: Hilarious. These guys deliver gloom and doom with a sense of humour (that’s actually their official motto).

DAVID SUZUKI FOUNDATION: No explanation needed. The godfather of green’s foundation kicks butt on so many fronts. His Queen of Green Lindsay Coulter is full of great practical tips too: Queen of Green

ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE: Love these guys and their game changing campaigns against toxins, plus green power, green jobs, greenbelts, exposing the tar sands and much more.

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH NEWS: Check it every day to stay on top of extensive enviro news coverage from around the globe.

TREEHUGGER: Get the scoop on all the latest and coolest green designs, gismos and goods.

CARE2 MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Goes by Care2. It’s got a news section and a petition section, but the Healthy Living section crammed with DIY tips on everything is the most handy.

THE GREEN GUIDE: Full of practical reports on green problems and solutions for everyday things.

Fab Green Body Websites

EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database
Environmental Defence’s Just Beautiful
Suzuki’s What’s Inside? That Counts
Campaign For Safe Cosmetics
Guide to Less Toxic Products – Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia
Femme Toxic
Good Guide
Love The Label

Green Beauty
Mint and Berry
Lilou Organics
Max & Mia
Louche Lily
Holly and Ivy (50% of proceeds go to Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund)
Raindance Cosmetics

Kick ass clothing websites (for online shopping)

Not Just Pretty
Chartreuse Style
Ethical Ocean 
Hemp & Company 
Mudshark (not all eco, but carries a wide range of eco-brands, search by Eco-Fashion in pull down menu)
Still Eagle
Terra 20

(see Ecoholic Body book for full city-by-city  directory of bricks and mortor green clothing stores)

Eco Baby/Kids Websites (for online shopping) (AB) (AB) (AB) (AB) (AB) (AB) (BC) (BC) (BC) (BC) (BC) (BC) (BC) (BC) (BC) (BC) (MB) (MB) (MB) (MB) (NS) (NS) (NS) (ON) (ON) (ON) (ON) (ON) (ON)

One Stop Shop Websites for Home/Baby/Body (online shopping)

Whole Health Websites

FIND A CANADIAN NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR HERE: On the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors website.

WHOLE HEALTH MD: Punch in your ailment in their virtual Healing Centre and get a list of the “most effective” as well as “benefi cial” supplements and herbs, with dosage recommendations. Healing recipes, a reference library, expert Q&A and a whole-body news section round off this highly useful site.

ALIVE: The online version of this Canadian alt health mag has a ton of easy-to-access archived stories on holistic healing, food and nutrition, and beauty, as well as event listings and a handy Health Retailer Search to help you find a health store near you.

DR WEIL: For a physician’s perspective on holistic health, this is a great site to visit. Dr. Weil approaches wellness from an integrative health angle, combining conventional and complementary medicines with lots of excellent whole health suggestions. The site’s live vitamin advisers are useful, but don’t feel pressured to buy the specific brand of supplements they’re peddling. You can find the same supplements in Canadian health stores.

CONSUMER LAB: This watchdog does independent testing of vitamins, minerals, herbs, energy products, functional foods and much more for potency, purity and overall honesty. Sign up for their free newsletter. For detailed reports on over 900 supplement scores, you’ll need to cough up just over $2 a month—totally worth it.

HEALTH ACTION NETWORK:  The Health Action Network Society site is a non-profi t natural health resource venue based in B.C

HEALTHY CANADIANS by HEALTH CANADA This Health Canada–run website is a quick ’n’ easy place to fi nd details on product recalls, including drugs and natural health products. You can subscribe to have consumer alerts sent to your email, too.

NATIONAL CENTER FOR COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE:   The website of the U.S. government–run National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary Medicine. This one offers a cautious assessment of what the research says (both for and against a particular herb or supplement), and tells you the side effects and cautions around particular natural health products, from acai to zinc. The Center also conducts its own clinical research trials on things such as acupuncture, breast cancer and green tea.

ALT MED REVIEW: Want to dig deeper for medical studies on supplements and alternative medicine? This is a good place to start. Alternative Medicine Review is a peer-reviewed journal.